What’s Trending in Floral Design? We Ask an Expert

Preserved roses
Preserved roses in a rock crystal bowl

Debbie Pakzaban is a woman of many talents that include everything crafty, tasty and fun. In addition to a floral design business, she is also an accomplished painter, baker, and decorator.

“I was brought up Mormon and in my house, we were always doing something artsy and focused on keeping the house looking pretty,” Debbie explains. “Some years ago I started a company in my garage making boxed flower arrangements out of preserved roses and I haven’t stopped working with silk flowers, preserved flowers, and fresh arrangements since. I really love trying new things and often struggle trying to cram into the day all the things I want to do.”

Debbie loves to stay ahead of trends and teach others how to take on projects like the beautiful arrangements she builds.

Artificial orchids
Silk flower arrangement

Debbie is seeing a big push in using preserved and artificial flowers for homes now, she says silk flowers have come a long way. A recent orchid arrangement she created featured orchid flowers and realistic but artificial succulents at the base- the result is stunning, modern and unfussy, a perfect table centerpiece to be enjoyed for years.

artificial terrarium
Artificial terrarium

Debbie says another trend shown in a lot of designer homes are artificial terrariums featuring succulents, stones, bleached oyster shells, even agates. Put it under a glass dome and you don’t even have to dust!

Debbie also likes to use Equadorian preserved roses that are created in a traditional European way by dehydrating them, bleaching them and then filling them with glycerin. She arranges the flowers in bunches in bowls, bags, cut champagne bottles, you name it.

Preserved roses bouquet

Preserved roses will last a couple of years and the prices range from a small arrangement with 5 roses costing $95 up to a larger bouquet costing $450. 

We are trying to convince Debbie to partner with us for a floral design workshop – we will let you know if we can pull it together to learn all her top tricks and tips for her beautiful designs. In the meantime check out Debbie’s work on her Instagram page- @whimsy_over_fifty.

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