What’s New in Interior Design Trends

Maybe your home needs a push into the new decade, a major refresh or just a little zhuzh.  But where to begin?  What are the current and upcoming trends?   We wondered too so we went straight to a professional California-based designer, Kati Kelly, to pick her brain about the trends in home fixtures and furnishings. 

Wood Flooring

  • Wide or mixed widths
  • Light tones like pine and white oak
  • Warmed up gray planks, moving towards greige
  • Matte finishes, not shiny
  • Sharp edges, not distressed
Interior Design Trends

Tile Flooring

  • Pronounced patterns are trendy if you’re not afraid to commit!
  • Subtle organic patterns
Interior Design Trends


  • Low profile loops
  • Patterned
Interior Design Trends


  • Black or gold fixtures
  • Touch or hands-free technology
  • European-style wall-hung toilets
  • Walk-in showers
  • Tubs with light or aromatherapy features
Interior Design Trends


  • Color, color, color
  • Slate – dark grey stainless
Interior Design Trends


  • Jewel tones, like dark forest green, emerald, plum, mustard, persimmon
  • Blush
Interior Design Trends


  • Black sashes and grids with large panes
Interior Design Trends

Interior doors

  • Recessed instead of raised panel Shaker or 5 panel
Interior Design Trends


  • Thinner slabs, 3/4”
  • Waterfall edges
  • Quartzite
  • No bullnose
Interior Design Trends


  • Laminate that looks like real wood
  • Flush inset cupboard doors and drawers versus overlay
Interior Design Trends


  • Shorter backed dining chairs
  • More transitional, mixing in traditional with modern
  • Couches on legs, no skirts
  • Pillow trims more simple and lightweight
Interior Design Trends


  • Drapery in lighter weight material – sheers, linen
  • Velvet in couches, drapes and more
  • Leather, both real and faux
  • Shifting to a more luxurious feel and moving away from Mid Century Modern to Art Deco Inspired
Interior Design Trends

Kati Kelli is the owner of and interior designer for k. kelli Interior Design, based out of Sonoma, California.

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  1. Great info, thanks! Redoing my powder room currently and a couple of these ideas. My kitchen will follow and I definitely got some inspiration from the article and photos🤗.

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