Visit the Wildest Gift Store in Houston

taxidermy unicorn
Taxidermy unicorn and other crazy stuff

As Halloween approaches one’s mind turns to the dark delights of the spooky, weird and just-plain-crazy. There is no better place in Houston to get into the spirit of the season than The Wilde Collection off Yale in the Heights.

human skeleton
Been looking for that elusive human skeleton in a coffin? This could be yours for $3,000

The Wilde Collection describes itself as a place the religious, the occult, the grotesque and the divine converge. In truth, it is part museum of the weird, part store- featuring oddities and curiosities that range from exotic taxidermy animals to haunted objects not for sale, but that come with great stories.

hissing cockroaches
Your source for rescued Madagascar hissing cockroaches and Tarantulas!

The owners state that their goal is to ‘show how the odd can be a thing of beauty and add an unexpected, eclectic surprise to any dΓ©cor. You will see how an exotic or distinct item can be a lively conversation piece. Our collection will show the romance of something thought to be morbid and how a peculiar and mysterious object can jolt your senses in ways that the regular or common never could.’

Exotic Pheasant and albino Peacocks roam the yard surrounding the store

We love that the store dares you to open your mind and learn about things

Scary hands
Touch if you dare- (Helga didn’t lose her hand)

The owners tell us they get most of their items from individual sellers all around the world. Recently purchased items include real exorcism kits, animal skeletons and human skulls, even preserved bats and human organs in formaldehyde. But they also sell jewelry, sage, and tons of books and tarot cards. Why? Is the question that popped into my mind the most as I toured the elaborately decorated and darkly fascinating store. The answer? Why not?

Life sized Baphomet, a Knights of Templar deity

The owners of The Wilde Collection explain their aim isn’t to freak people out but instead exhibit a side of the human experience most never get to see,”We are different than most oddity/curiosity shops in that our aim is not to shock and disgust but rather to inspire conference by instilling a sense of wonder. Like the Victorians, we strive to create an environment with an obscure aesthetic that is elegant, avant-garde, mysterious, eccentric and just a little eerie. It is a place where the ghosts of Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe would feel at home.”

taxidermy animals
Taxidermied animals abound

Swing by The Wilde Collection and check out the store- you may even come home with some items like we did and be all set for that Halloween seance!

The Wilde Collection
Bringing home the goods. From left to right, bottle opener, figurine, sage, cauldron and dagger scissors

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