Visit One of the World’s Greatest Places- in Houston!

We already know Houston has some of the greatest stuff in the world- those things being different for all of us. For me, it’s the beauty of the Houston Polo Club, the world’s greatest street tacos and Heights icehouses. For you, it might be something different. But TIME magazine has just published a list of the world’s greatest places and Houston’s own Indigo, a Neo-soul restaurant has made the list.

Indigo Houston
Communal table at Indigo

With just two seatings at 6:00 until 8:30 and 8:45 to 11:15 this 13 seat eatery curved around a communal table is on our must-visit list. Executive Chef Jonny Rhodes describes his cooking as an incubation of traditional Soul food derived from scraps off the tables of the masters in the old South with the local seasonal crops grown today. The result is an amalgamation of three tasting menus. Classic, Herbivore, and Carnivore.

Indigo Houston
Indigo staff

The Classic menu features traditional soul food dishes with a modern twist. The Herbivore menu includes smoked, and pickled and surprisingly prepared vegetables. The Carnivore menu presents all wild game meats.

From TIME magazine:

At Indigo, history is on the menu. The restaurant serves “neo-soul food,” dishes intended to provoke conversation about the history of black and indigenous people in America. For example, a smoked-pastrami main comes with a primer on the different experiences of Italians and African Americans during the Great Migration. Indigo, which opened in July 2018, is the first permanent restaurant for chef Jonny Rhodes, who ran a series of pop-ups in Houston after refining his skills at New York City’s Gramercy Tavern. Guests can finish their meals with a cup of okra-seed coffee—a popular drink in the South during the Civil War. —Amy Gunia

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