Traveler’s Table: Tasting the Globe through Cocktails and Cuisine

By Helga Stein

Traveler’s Table is a brand new global bar and eatery in the Montrose district. It’s inspired by multi-ethnic cooking styles and a unique team of chefs who will take you around the world through your taste buds without booking any flights! The menu is so diverse and shareable that it’s suggested to order several dishes just to get the full effect.

We started our culinary journey with “The Plumed Serpent”; this delectable cocktail is based in Tequila liquor, with lime, watermelon puree, triple sec and rounded off with chili salt. It’s a perfect compliment to the ethnic fusion of food and not too sweet to have a second… or third .

Watermelon cocktail

The Plumed Serpent cocktail also pairs well with the Smoked Chicken Arepas finished off with avocado-cilantro aioli. This hearty appetizer is sure to jumpstart your palate in anticipation of your next dish.

Smoked chicken Arepas
Smoked Chicken Arepas

Featured below are the Peking-Style Duck Gyoza – duck dumplings which instantly disappear off the plate. These dumplings are another easily shareable item which pairs well with the custom cocktails. 

Peking duck dumplings
Peking Duck Dumplings

For fish lovers, taste Japan with the Salmon Tartare bites, this sushi-grade salmon is placed on rice cakes and paired with garlic, avocado, ginger and nori sauce. The accompanying suggested cocktail is “The Shogun” dressed with a bit of ginger to cleanse the palate. 

Salmon Tartare
Salmon Tartare Bites

The Shogun is made with Japanese whisky, orange bitters, some ginger syrup and plum liquor. It’s not too sweet and just boozy enough to keep up with all the entrees to follow.

Shogun cocktail
The Shogun cocktail

The “Year of Living Dangerously” cocktail is appropriately named because it contains Mezcal, soda and grapefruit juice, jalapeño, prickly pear and lime. The smoky flavor of the Mezcal compliments the sweet and tangy taste of the salmon. 

“Year of Living Dangerously” cocktail

Moving on to entree items, we enjoyed the Honey-Miso Salmon served with baby bok choy, ginger rice and nori sauce. This dish is definitely a crowd favorite!

Glazed salmon
Honey Miso Salmon

The Chicken Pibil is a mild Yucatan-style chicken with pickled red onion, white rice and habanero pepper. This dish is a delicious take on South American cuisine and also eats well with the “Year of Living Dangerously” cocktail.

Chicken Pibil

The Soft Shell Crab Pad Thai is perfectly complimented with sautéed shrimp, fried rice, crushed peanuts and green onions. This dish is also sharable, but who would allow someone to steal their shrimp?

Pad Thai
Soft Shell Crab Pad Thai with shrimp

There truly is something for everyone at Traveler’s Table and this new culinary gem is sure to become one of Houston’s new favorite spots. Reservations are recommended. Happy traveling!