Trainer Jerome Says: Let’s Work That Booty!

Jerome Phillips is a Houston-based trainer and bodybuilder who owns Just Physical by Jerome Phillips . He specializes in helping people over forty train to feel and look their very best. Jerome works with his client’s diets, supplements, physical injuries and lifestyle to help them identify their goals and keep them on track.

We are thrilled that Jerome is going to be a regular contributor on this blog. He will be doing weekly video segments aimed at helping teach us as women over 40 exercises we can do in and out of the gym to keep us strong and healthy.”Women over forty need to be mindful of injury as our bodies don’t recover as fast as they used to,” says Jerome, who understands this well as he is 52.”Resistance-type exercise with bands and body weight are the most effective because they don’t overly load the joints or lead to strain that can injure muscle but they strengthen a woman’s core and really sculpt muscles well. I really like to get my clients on a routine that they can do at home or in the gym- that way there’s no excuse to miss a workout if they can’t make it to see me.””Yoga is also incredibly important as part of a regular routine as it keeps the body strong, joints loose and helps with the body’s balance, which like anything that isn’t practiced, starts to go away over time leaving women prone to falls and injury.”We are excited to simultaneously launch our Let’s Grow Girl You Tube channel with our first Trainer Jerome Says: video. Click the picture to watch it and let’s work that booty!

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