Total Body Recovery With Jennifer Klein

Jennifer Klein is a woman of action.  A marathon runner, former gymnast, triathlete and current polo player, Jennifer knows all too well about the stress of extreme physical exercise on the human body.  Jennifer knows injuries and through her business, Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy, and AATB Pilates (Awesome Abdominals Total Body Pilates), Jennifer understands how to guide her clients through rehabilitation and back to doing what they love.

Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy
Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy

“I am a certified Pilates instructor and I like to use that, along with Dry Needling, massage, cupping therapy and rehabilitative movement to get my clients back to feeling strong,” Jennifer explains.  “My office in the Heights reflects my personal, laid-back style.  All our treatment rooms are in a home-like setting.  We are a boutique clinic and our small size enables us to really connect with our clients’ needs and, most importantly, their progress.” 

Jennifer Klein Pilates
Jennifer Kelin Pilates
Jennifer Klein Pilates workout

Jennifer graduated from UTMB Galveston with a degree in Physical Therapy and began working at hospitals for in-patient Physical Therapy.  She quickly learned, however, that once the patient leaves the hospital they often can try to follow the therapist’s exercise instructions , but without monitoring can often do something wrong that slows down their healing.  


“I like having clients come to me on a regular basis after an injury, surgery, or if they are just trying to reverse some of the effects of aging. We start by evaluating the problem, review medical histories and then develop a plan of action.  I love using cupping, it’s a method to increase the blood flow by re-establishing the viscosity between tissue layers near an injury.  Where there is blood flow, there is healing.”

Dry Needling
Myofascial Dry Needling

Jennifer has been practicing her unique kind of Physical Therapy for ten years and through therapies like Myofascial Dry Needling, has seen real results for her clients.  “Dry Needling is a great therapy because it provides relief from tightness, tension and pain in affected areas through activating the connective tissue.  Dry Needling also helps with improving or regulating structural or functional damage and can improve the appearance of cellulite.  My goal in my practice is to let the body do the healing- I just help facilitate the process.”

Jennifer Klein
Jennifer Klein

Jennifer is also a serious animal advocate, volunteering for Friends for Life, a no-kill animal shelter and has adopted three rescue dogs and a cat.  She is an avid polo player at The Houston polo player and would love to someday combine her passion for animals and riding into an equine therapy program for her clients.

Check out Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy, AATB Pilates classes, massage services and cupping and Dry Needling services the next time you feel your body calling out for some healing! 

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