Themed Holiday Parties

Each of our monthly girl’s nights are themed but each Christmas we open the event to the guys and do a couples night.  This was a year we did a Tifffany’s theme and tried our best to class up the evening.  

holiday parties
White Christmas Theme

It was a lot of fun as everyone dressed in their best Audrey Hepburn finery and we created a cute backdrop in our friend’s garage for pictures.  We hired a caterer to provide a hot meal and we all pitched in about $80 a couple for the dinner.  Different committees were arranged for decorations, food, booze, games and clean up.  Everyone brought their own booze which helped a lot with the bottom line cost. 

Holiday parties

These holiday couples events really just take some planning and can be enjoyed at any price point.  Its really the theme that ties everything together and makes it special. The pictures are a big plus too because everyone looks so festive and fun!

Guest contributor, Jena Fawcett

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