The Power of Women: Meet Networking Pioneer Amy Robinette

As part of our mission to highlight accomplished women, in this article I share with you an interview with Amy Robinette, founder of Women Helping Women 2 Network to learn about her growing networking organization for women entrepreneurs.

From her career in personnel staffing as The Goal Getter winning many achievement awards, and The Gold Buying Girl business that grew to 150 women working for her throughout the US and Canada, to running a women’s business networking group with 400 members, it’s safe to say Amy is a natural entrepreneur who stays very busy.

WHW2N, Networking Skills, Entrepreneur
Amy Robinette – WHW2N

What made you start WHW2 network? After a year of going to multiple groups, I wasn’t getting what I wanted from networking meetings.  The people I met in networking, I felt like if they didn’t get my buying signal in the first 30 seconds, they didn’t want to get to know me.  So I decided to start my own women’s network for entrepreneurs and to do it differently. 

How did you raise funding? I started a Facebook group that grew to 2000 member in two months.  Next, I did an evening meet-up event, then a luncheon.  There was so much interest and growth that I realized I needed help and needed funding to continue this path.  That is when we started a paid membership.  

What was the key driving force to become an entrepreneur? In my years of business, I’ve always found a way to create income and a lot of that goes back to networking. My network helped me to launch The Gold Buying Girl.

How do you market your business? It grew mostly through organic reach on Facebook by sharing to other groups.    I am also on LinkedIn, Twitter, and have a weekly newsletter.

What kind of culture is WHW2N?  We believe in the 3 “C’s” Connection, Collaboration, and Community.  I also coach other women throughout the US on how to start their own successful network.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur? I love empowering other women and showing them that they can run their own business.  I have a laptop lifestyle which allows me to travel and I can do my business from anyplace. 

What has been your biggest challenge with WHW2N?  Getting the right leadership in place.  Anyone can lead but not everyone is meant to be a leader.  Their strength may be in other areas and play upon the skills they bring to the table.

What sets you apart from other business networking groups? We have many opportunities for women to network within WHW2N. Our weekly Coffee Clique ® offered in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio really sets us apart and provides an intimate setting where attendees come with a business challenge that the group brainstorms solutions.  Together we come up with advice for their business challenge.  We also do an annual Mexico Mastermind trip.  A lot of success has happened for women after attending this 4-day retreat.  A recent example is a member who owns an air-conditioning business with her husband. After the retreat she implemented the processes and procedures she learned and that grew her company from $30,000 annual revenue to $1.6M in a year.

I believe that The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up and also developed The ‘Close’ Factor Program to teach others how to follow up and increase their sales.   Also, there is enough abundance for everyone and by building relationships you will build your business.  She also believes we need to be educated on how to do business.  

Amy Robinette, Hal Martin, and Honey
Amy Robinette with husband Hall Martin and Honey

What do you do when you aren’t doing Women Helping Women 2 Network? Play with my 4-legged rescue fur baby Honey Bun and spend time with my husband, and love of my life who loves pickleball, Hal Martin owner of Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry. I also love to exercise and recently joined a new boot camp.  I get up every morning at 4:30 am, it starts at 5 am, home by 6 am and start my day at 6:05 pm.

What advice would you give to other women that want to be in business for themselves?  Never give up and believe in yourself.  Success does not happen overnight.  If you work hard and set goals.  If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time!

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