Stuck at Home? Tackle These Projects to Stay Sane

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If you are anything like us- the days in quarantine are starting to run together. Wake up late , check social media, make coffee, check email, voicemail, take care of work, wander around the house, make dinner, go to sleep… does time even matter anymore? Should you even bother brushing your hair? That said, as I recover from torn knee meniscus surgery, the last patient admitted before elective surgeries ended, I have been home a week and have decided I am officially going crazy.

In my latest attempt to avoid losing it completely, I brainstormed a list of projects and am tackling one day so when this Covid crisis is over I can look back at these days thankful instead of feeling time was wasted. Keep in mind- these are the tough tasks, the ones that will never get done because the very thought of them is a big Nope! Better or worse- now you have no excuse so employ those home schooling kids and partner you are about to kill and coordinated a team effort to tacking one task a day.

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The Down and Dirty Projects:

  • Deep closet clean-out. DEEP- even your partner’s stuff.
  • FINALLY mend those clothes with missing buttons, torn hems, etc. piled up in the corner.
  • Clean and polish shoes and put the heels that look like they’ve been chewed on by a rat aside for a shoe doctor.
  • Clean and organize all jewelry even the good stuff- you know you haven’t done in forever- here is an easy recipe for sterling silver:
Recipe DIY Silver Cleaner for Jewelry
1 cup boiling water
One tablespoon baking soda
One tablespoon salt
½ cup vinegar
Flat Pan
Aluminum Foil
Cover the pan with the aluminum foil, making sure to place the shiny side of the foil up. Place your jewelry in the pan ensuring that each part of the jewelry is touching the foil. Mix the boiling water, salt, and baking soda.
Pour the mixture into the pan. Stir the solution with a spoon to break up any chunks of baking soda, then reposition the pieces of jewelry. Slowly add distilled vinegar. It is one of the many fantastic white vinegar uses. Let the cleaner and jewelry stand for five to ten minutes. Remove the jewelry from the pan and rinse with water.
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  • Scrapbook ALL loose pics and documents squirreled away you have been saving for years.
  • Wash all windows- even the ones you usually ignore.
  • Steam clean carpets and rugs- enjoy watching the brown water get sucked up into the machine.
  • Bathroom cabinets! Ugh! You know you have about 30 million sample sized cosmetics/facial cleansers in there expiring. Clean ’em out!
  • Cleans and organize gift wrapping closet, throw out the old wrapping you always thought you would use but never did,
  • Clean out and organize all catch-all areas, bureaus , drawers, linen closets and cabinets. Don’t freak out and try and do it all at once – do one room a day.
  • Mulch front and back yard (get your kids to do this).
  • Check hurricane supplies for expiration dates and resupply if needed.
  • Check first aid kits and resupply if necessary.
  • Kick the pets off and clean and condition all your leather furniture.
  • Deep clean car interior (get your kids to do this too).
  • Clean out spice cabinet and throw out spices older than two years. (Yes- spices go bad too.)

You will thank yourself all summer for taking care of this now! Did we miss any tasks? Tell us in the comments.

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