modernMARLA and Alchemia Style Are Changing the Way You Dress

Marla Hurley
Marla Hurley and Jen Grisby

Imagine choosing your outfit for an evening cocktail party or the next day’s business meeting from your iPad while checking your Instagram feed. What if your closet became a curated and organized list of looks styled from your shoes to your earrings by a professional who even leaves you with a list of things you don’t even own yet to pull the remaining looks together. That’s freedom people; freedom from ever saying again, “I have NOTHING to wear!” Freedom from pulling on clothes that don’t really go together but you don’t have time to be creative today you just need to GET THERE dammit, and then running into someone you want to impress or worse, an ex and his new girlfriend while you are feeling self-conscious about your outfit.

Miss Texas 2018 Logan Lester, Styled by Marla and Jenn

Marla Hurley of modern MARLA and her partner Jennifer Grisgsby, owner of Alchemia Style go through your closet’s clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, then pull together looks based on each client’s individual style for any and all occasions. This cost is only $350 and the dynamic duo claim in two hours they can build up to 74 looks that they put together, photograph, then airdrop to your phone to be categorized by daytime, casual, business, luncheon, cocktail, formal, travel, you name it.

Alchemia store
Brittany Hebert in her new modernMARLA Jimmy Choos

“I understand how daunting it is letting a stranger into your closet,” Marla explains. “It’s an intimate place and the last thing you want to feel is judged by someone who works in fashion for a living about what is hanging there. As much as I tell clients this is a judgment-free zone and all we want is to help you make your own clothes feel fresh again by seeing them through our eyes- no one feels entirely comfortable until the end. All of our clients inevitably become our friends because we share so much in that two hours and they feel so good about their new looks, it’s like they have a whole new outlook on their wardrobe- they can’t wait to get out there and face the world.”

Miss Texas 2018
Logan Lester on her way to the 2018 Miss USA Pageant

Marla and Jenn also have the honor of being named the Official Stylists of Miss Texas USA and styled Miss Texas 2018 Logan Lester in preparation for her Miss USA pageant.

Stylist outfit
One of Logan Lester lookbook outfits

Jenn Grisgsby says the service they offer can be as simple as taking pictures of the assembled outfits on a white sheet to send or building an InStyle magazine-type image like the one above with every element labeled in a digital lookbook.

Houston Best Dressed Ann Ayre
Houston Chronicle’s Best Dressed 2020 Ann Ayre and Marla

“It’s really like we are interior decorators for your closet. Those pieces you wear all the time and are sick of, or the hard-to-style items stuck in the back of your closet find new life through our eyes. Our goal is to get the price per wear as low as we can by recycling pieces and styling them in such a way no one can tell. Sometimes I wear the same blouse three times a week to different events and no one is the wiser because it has been styled differently every time. We employ all kinds of techniques, like making scarves into tops, skirts and handbag accessories. It’s all about utilizing your own pieces in new and exciting ways.”

Logan Lester Alchemia

If you haven’t visited Alchemia yet, you really must. The spot is located in a cozy space in the River Oaks area and they sell trendsetting brands like Pinko, Mother Denim, Cinq a Sept, Nude, C/MEO Collective, and Keepsake just to name a few. If you have a hard to style item – they encourage you to bring it in so they can help put a look together.

Miu Miu shoes
Consignment Miu Miu shoes

In addition to styling services, Marla also operates a consignment business offering high-end bags and shoes. She says all her client’s closets have holes, items they need but don’t have yet, like that perfect snakeskin bag or the Manolos that absolutely go with every outfit. She loves the hunt and finds these items in perfect condition but without the retail price tag; she sells them through her website.

Marla and Jenn also love leaving their client’s recently revamped closets with a list of must-have items to fill clothing holes, like that perfect white T or the black cigarette pants that are cut at that perfect point above the ankle.

Alchemia dress
Gucci loafers

Call Marla Hurley and Jenn for an appointment and stay turned for a Let’s Grow, Girl! event we are planning with them very soon. Follow Marla on Instagram at @mod-about-marla . They will present a fashion show keeping us up to date on the spring/summer trends and teaching us how to employ the best techniques to shop our closets first and then buy a few items to update what we already have!

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