Put Holiday Stress to Rest!

White Christmas party

By Michelle Berryhill, Guest Writer

Aah, the holidays… it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Special memories are made among family and friends, with dazzling light displays all over town and the feeling of magic in the cool, crisp air. That’s all marvelous but let’s face it, the holidays are also a period of high expectations, hectic shopping, inside and outside decorating, extreme crafting and entertaining (all while still keeping up with everyday responsibilities). 

The joy and excitement of the holidays can oftentimes be diminished in the quest to “do it all”.  It is easy to become stressed out and anxious which is why some people dread this time of year. Here are a few guidelines to help keep your sanity in check so you can handle and enjoy the holidays.

woman at beach
Breathe! Even if you can’t make it to the beach, visualize it and take time to meditate.

1.  Make a priority list of items that are important to you and tasks you would like to complete if there is extra time. While buying gifts and setting up the Christmas tree may be at the top of the list, making that candy cane wreath you saw on Pinterest, at the bottom. 

2.  Commit to maintaining your regular self care routine as it’s the gift you give yourself.  

3.  Ask yourself, “if I don’t do x, y or z will it cause disappointment for someone I care about?”  If the answer is no, consider letting it go (or at least move it to the bottom of the list).

4.  Give yourself a timeout if you start to feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to identify what you are most grateful for to put things back into perspective. 

5. Listen to a guided meditation on your phone. You can meditate almost anytime you desire some calmness. There are so many to choose from by typing “guided meditation for stress reduction” and taking  your pick. 

Guest contributor, Michelle Berryhill

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