Pretty Powerful: Bulletgirl Jewelry

Ever put on a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes and felt like you could conquer the world? We all have that one piece in our wardrobes we pull out when we need a little extra something… confidence, courage, that feeling of being unstoppable.

Jessica Meyer Principal, Bulletgirl
Jessica Meyer, Designer, CEO Bulletgirl

Houston jewelry designer Jessica Meyer understands sometimes we all need a little push and has built her business on providing a line of jewelry that brings out the built-in badass in all of us.

Bulletgirl bangles
Bulletgirl bullet cap bangles $300- $400

Bulletgirl jewelry began as actual blank brass bullets from a bullet manufacturer that she would fashion into fine jewelry using a local jewelry maker found at a neighborhood Fiesta store. Today, the pieces are modeled after bullets ranging from .223 Remingtons to .357 Magnums and everything in between.

Team Bulletgirl
The Bulletgirl team (l-r): Olivia Lovoi, social director, Jessica Meyer, Nicolas Roquefort-Villeneuve, marketing officer

The jewelry pieces all begin as exact brass bullet replicas, then are coated in jewelry-quality Rhodium, plated in silver, gold, rose gold and black Rhodium and finally encrusted with Swarovski crystals or precious jewels and pearls.

Bulletgirl peace pendant
Bulletgirl Peace Pendant $150

The line features earrings, bracelets, scarf rings, pendants, chokers, rings, cufflinks and cuffs, all utilizing either an exact bullet replica design or the bulletcap itself.

Bulletgirl pendants
Bulletgirl .17 bullet pave’ pendants $120, Long chain $300

“This is my way of expressing myself,” explains Jessica. “I want to re-symbolize what a bullet is; taking it from a symbol of violence and turning it into an expression of peace, love and beauty. I call my pieces a visible shield meant to protect those who wear them. I want my customers to feel powerful, beautiful and confident when they wear my jewelry.”

Bulletgirl pearl chokers
Bulletgirl bullet cap pearl chokers, $2,000, Pearl bracelets, $1,300

Jessica and her mother and co-designer Susana Brener de Stern design the pieces themselves and send the sketches to a jewelry maker overseas.

They are currently designing a charm that will be sold with 100% of the profits going to charities who work to help women escape and rehabilitate from the cycle of sex trafficking in Houston.

Miranda Sevcik Bulletgirl
Bulletgirl .223 Remington pave’ bracelet with cz cap $4,000

Jessica explains, “Giving back is very important to me. Houston is a major hub of sex trafficking in the US and the charities in town who help women escape need all the help they can get. I am also designing a dog collar to be sold with 100% of the profits going to K9s4kids, a group that works to raise money to train narcotics and weapon-sniffing dogs to work in schools. This is another way I hope my jewelry can bring peace out of violence.”

Bulletgirl earrings
Bulletgirl bullet cap earrings $150-$450, Necklaces $80

Currently Bulletgirl does most of their sales online, but the line can also be found locally at Sloan/Hall in Houston. Bulletgirl also features a men’s line with interchangeable bullet cap and bullet cufflinks and bullet necklaces on dog tag chains. Jessica says eventually she wants to expand the brand to include purses and belt buckles, she believes the possibilities are endless.

Bulletgirl bracelet
Bulletgirl .357 Magnum pave’ bracelet with pave’ caps $2,000

“Bullets weren’t meant to be jewelry and I make jewelry that isn’t meant to be shot out of a gun. My pieces are big, bold, and unapologetic. They are meant to be noticed and I hope people feel the same way when they wear them.”

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