On National Dog Day Remember The Shelter Pups

Senior dog
Senior dogs are often already trained, low-energy and perfect companions

Texas leads the nation with the highest kill rates for homeless pets at animal shelters. The numbers of dogs and cats euthanized annually in Texas is staggering: 220,000.

Best Friends Animal Society, which is based in Utah, is working with local animal-rescue groups striving for a “no-kill” nation, with a lofty goal of ending euthanasia nationwide at shelters by 2025.

Rescue dog
Our rescue dog Luna chilling in her bed

This goal isn’t as far off as we might think, the Harris County Animal Shelter has released its live release numbers for 2019, and the results for March were a jaw-dropping 95.7 percent. This technically puts the shelter in a “no-kill” status, by shelter standards. A “no-kill” shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals, even when the shelter is full and reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals, or those deemed aggressive, or a danger to the public.

rescued puppy
Rescued Shih Tzu puppy

With many groups dedicated to rescuing pure breeds out of shelters there is no reason to ever buy from a breeder/puppy mill. A simple Google search reveals you can adopt a dog any age of any breed from a family friendly Golden Retriever to military working dog like a Belgian Malanois.

Dog park
Dog park fun

Experts say increased public awareness of the insidious practices utilized by ALL breeders- no matter how credentialed, had led to a decline of people wanting “pure-bred” puppies from puppy mills. Thankfully Houston is home to many organizations like Citizens for Animal Protection, BARC animal shelter, Houston SPCA, Special Pals Inc. and Houston Pets Alive to name a few.

The busiest in-take season is May-September and you can support the shelter by:

  • Adopting a pet. Click here to visit the shelter’s web site. 
  • Spaying/Neutering your animal to prevent more unwanted dogs.
  • Fostering an animal until adoption or short-term foster for transport just a 3-4 week commitment. Medical care is provided and supplies if needed.
  • Keeping your pet confined to home or yard to prevent it from becoming lost and ending up in the shelter. This is actually a county regulation. First offense, a citation is issued with 48 hours to comply. If there is another offense, a citation is issued, person is required to court or receives a bench warrant and can be fined up to $500.
  • Microchipping your pet and place collar with identification tags on your pet, so that in the event they become lost there is a way to reunite your animal with you.
  • Before surrendering your pet to the shelter utilize “Rehome” https://rehome.adoptapet.com/list-a-pet/step-1 to place your pet directly in a new adoptive home.
CAP puppies
Citizens for Animal Protection puppies

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