“Let’s Do It!”

As a woman in my late forties I have always felt guilty about pursuing my own interests. I spent so much of my twenties and thirties devoted to others’ happiness and fulfillment, mine always took a back seat to husband, family, work, charities, home projects, extended family and oh yeah, working out and dieting so I can keep up with it all. It was challenging, rewarding, but let’s face it, completely exhausting. It wasn’t until my oldest got his driver’s license that I found myself with actual time on my hands to think about pursuing things that I selfishly felt interested me- things that had always been bubbling under the surface.

“I finally have time to take a lover!” I’d exclaim to friends on the phone, half joking. As I cautiously tip toed out of my self-imposed martyr strict schedule, I discovered a whole new world awaited me. I didn’t have to live through my kid’s interests and parents of their friends involved in it. One day I gave myself permission to take a trip with three friends to Utah for the Sundance film festival. I was invited as a guest of a friend with a place there so it was very inexpensive as two of us could split a ticket package. I learned during that trip that the only thing standing in the way of me enjoying new life experiences wasn’t a lack of something- time, money, resources, attention taken away from others- it was me, artificially restricting myself out of fear.

The truth of the matter is- if you have found yourself in a rut- doing the same things with the same people- only you can give yourself permission to embrace your own interests again. Let’s get together- do some research, grab some girlfriends and proclaim, “Let’s do it!”. This mission is simple, we hope will help you accomplish recapturing your youthful curiosity. Step outside the ordinary and join us!!!It’s not too late and you are not too old.