Learn How to Tap That Axe! Houston Axe Throwing

Julie throwing an axe
Julie showing off her axe skills

Recently I heard about the magic art of axe throwing via my friend Julie Angilella, a Canadian transplant who when not tapping maple trees for syrup or eating bacon, likes to throw axes. (She is REALLY Canadian).

Last week we visited Texas Axe Throwing near the Woodlands off 45 in Spring. Julie booked us for 80 minutes to throw Glow in the Dark axes in our own area with a certified “Axe Master” who shared the finer points of form, safety and strategy. The facility was fun, playing 90’s rap, serving beer and wine and wasn’t too crowded as we cheered on the Astros playing on the big screen. Managers say people are welcome to bring in food and kids too.

throwing axes
Two team competition

We broke into two-person teams and played three different games; cumulative score for each team, hitting each number twice, and cumulative individual score.

axe bullseye
Proud of my almost bullseye

We warmed up by working on our form in three different throwing styles to determine which one we were best suited to. I tried the two-handed overhand which entails leaning back with both hands over your head and then leaning forward for the release wrist flick and follow through. Then I tried the single-handed overhead technique, following the same basic points which I never could land. Finally, there is the underhand technique that I never even tried because I didn’t want to confuse myself too much. I landed many more axes with the double overhand method so that is what I stuck with.

axe throwing
Roy and his bullseye

Needless to say, the longer we played, the better I got. I even developed some specific accuracy toward the end when I was able to hit specific numbers rather than just being happy being able to hit the target at all.

The winner of the coveted “Big Axe”

Axe throwing is becoming quite the thing as Houston currently boasts six different businesses that cater to the axe enthusiast. Check out  Ratchet Hatchet Houston, Houston Axe Throwing, BATL – The Backyard Axe Throwing League, Class Axe Throwing and Axe Masters Texas. Grab some friends and check it out! You will feel like a skilled lumberjack in no time!

Axe target
We literally chopped the target into pieces

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