Houston’s Outdoor Art Gallery

Houston is home to some of the most innovative, interesting and exciting outdoor art in the country. If you are tired of the usual tourist attractions as you are showing off H-town to out-of-town visitors, check out our curated list of the top art destinations you can visit on foot or from the window of your car. These beautiful pieces are easy to find with our handy guide below and lovely to look at so what are you waiting for? Let’s explore! 

University of Houston campus:

This gigantic, colorful interactive suncatcher titled Mobius Houston is located in Wilhemina’s Grove opposite the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts.

Houston Public Art
Mobius Houston, Marta Chilindron, 2019

Located near the College of Social Work, Double Physichromie‘s 54-foot aluminum and steel sculpture’s color and perception play tricks on your eyes.  Walk around it both directions to get the full effect.

Houston Public Art
Double Physichromie, Carlos Cruz-Diez, 2009
Walking the length of the Double Physichromie

Also found on University of Houston’s campus:

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza:

Made of highly polished stainless steel and standing over two stories tall, the surface of Cloud Column reflects you and everything surrounding you.  The piece asks us to contemplate not only the object but also how we position ourselves in relation to the world around us.  I know, deep, right?! Extra credit if you know Cloud’s sister piece known as The Bean in Chicago.

Houston Public Art
Cloud Column, Anish Kapoor, 1998-2006

Rice University campus:

Twilight Epiphany is located on the top of a grassy hill and looks like a spaceship about to take off.  However, it’s really a serene interactive structure equipped with an LED light sequence that projects onto the ceiling and through an aperture in the 72-foot square knife-edge roof just before sunrise and at sunset.  Recline at the ground or upper level and gaze upward and appreciate how the sky, light and color all play together.

Time lapse of Twilight Epiphany

The Twilight Epiphany light sequence can be viewed every day except Tuesdays. It’s recommended you arrive 15 minutes prior to the posted times for both Sunrise and Sunset light sequences. Note: the Sunrise light sequence begins approximately 40 minutes before sunrise. The Sunset light sequence begins about 10 minutes before sunset. Each sequence lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Houston Public Art Twilight Epiphany
Twilight Epiphany Skyspace installation, James Turrell, 2012

Po-um‘s six-ton steel form moves with changes in wind and weather conditions.   It looks like it could topple over, yet it is perfectly balanced.  A metaphor for a life well-lived?

Houston Public Art
Po-um (Lyric), Mark di Suvero, 2003

We hope this handy reference sends you out and about exploring. Two other great tools are our Let’s Grow, Girl! guides to Houston’s Street Art and Undercover Houston.

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