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Halo House
Halo House Houston

Many of us take for granted the luxury of having one of the world’s leading hospitals for the treatment of cancer in our own backyards. But for people suffering from debilitating blood cancer and desperate for the a cure, traveling to Houston for treatment is often the only hope they have left.

The burden of staggering medical bills and expensive housing while patients get treatment can often be as tough an obstacle to overcome as fighting the disease. Cancer patients must stay close to the hospital in order to be properly treated and medical center real estate prices are very expensive. Thankfully, here in Houston we have Halo House. Expected to be the largest housing facility for blood cancer patients in the USA, the new Halo House  efficiently and cost-effectively provides housing for decades to come, or until a cure is found.  In 2009, Halo House was founded by MD Anderson’s Dr. Nathan Fowler, and his mother and former business owner, Kathleen Fowler to address the needs of visiting blood cancer patients.

Halo House Apartment
Halo House Apartment

Every day there are between 85 and 100 people on the waiting list to stay at Halo House. To date, over 300 families have stayed there and over 22,000 days of housing have been provided.

For the past eight years, Halo House has been operating out of 10 leased apartments. This has worked well as an interim step, but it was never contemplated to be the long-term solution. Apartments are provided to eligible patients for $25/day for a one bedroom apartment, and $35/day for a two bedroom apartment; an amount substantially lower than area hotels ($139-$229/night).

Halo House recreation room
Halo House Recreation Room

Halo House’s recent grand opening of their new 42,500 square foot facility took place May 15, 2019. The facility includes 33 apartments for blood cancer patients and their family or caregiver, a chapel, community room, fitness center, and peaceful gardens. Every aspect of the building’s design was planned for guests to feel welcomed and comforted. Every one bedroom has two queen beds and two bedroom apartments have three queen beds.

Located just two miles southeast of the Texas Medical Center at 2940 Corder Street, guests are asked to pay $25 per day for a one bedroom apartment and $35 per day for a two bedroom apartment, plus a one-time cleaning fee of $85.  Shuttle service to the Texas Medical Center is even provided by Halo House to guests at no additional charge.  Shuttles operate 12 hours per day, 5 days per week (M-F). 

Halo House hopes to break ground on their land for more apartments in the coming years and could use all the help they can get to achieve that goal. Halo House also needs volunteers to help at the facility. To learn more about giving of your time or your resources, click here.

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