Hell to the Maybe! My Trip to Disneyland

My hubs and I are huge Disney fans. We love the parks, the movies, and the whole “happiest place on Earth” vibe. We went to Disney World and even Disneyland before we got married, and we’ve taken our kids to Disney World five times. We’ve also been on a Disney cruise. So yeah, I’m serious when I say we’re fans.

Fast forward to this year…we let our son pick a vacation for his 17th birthday instead of a party. We did this for my daughter a few years back. Her pick was Seaside, Florida. My son’s pick this summer? Disneyland in California because he and his sister had never been. 

Normally, I would‘ve been PUMPED about his choice, but the last time I went to Disney World, (summer 2016), I rode ALL the rides and came home and had the worst vertigo ever. I don’t know for sure if all those rides prompted my vertigo, but my ENT had laughed and told me not to ride so many rides next time. (Ha ha, so funny.)

Disneyland ride

So there I was, trying to be excited about Disneyland, yet slightly freaking out about riding something and going vertigo again. But guess what, I decided I was gonna LIVE MY LIFE! And ride whatever I wanted! Vertigo be damned!

Rose living large at Disneyland
Rose living large at Disneyland

And that’s what I did. I rode (just about) everything. I laughed, I screamed, I closed my eyes, I held my hands up in the air, and I conquered! I did it for my hubs, for my kids, but most of all for me! No regrets, not ever! But I will say that I’ll be excited to go to a beach for the next birthday celebration. Let’s be real. lol

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