GrowTogether at Neiman’s: Fashion, Fine Jewelry and Fun!

Neiman Marcus Runway Show
Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion preview

Last Wednesday we celebrated our second Let’s Grow, Girl! GrowTogether event. You may remember our first was held at The Houston Polo Club where we learned first hand all about the beautiful game of polo while we enjoyed Rose wine from French Country Wines, ate appetizers from The Classic Houston restaurant and shopped from local woman-owned businesses that displayed their beautiful things right on the field!

Let's Grow Girl GrowTogether event
Charlotte and Belinda enjoying the champagne cocktails

Neiman Marcus fine jewelry salon hosted our group this time and jewelry expert David Watson taught us all about truly magnificent pieces in the display cases while encouraging us to visit the salon and have fun trying on jewelry anytime.

David Watson
David Watson hugging a very grateful Carla

“We love jewelry, that why we work here,” says David. “We want you to come by and look at these works of art, try them on, play with them. They are here to be enjoyed. Even if you aren’t in the market for anything, don’t feel intimidated about coming over and trying pieces on. We love nothing more than educating people about what we love. Please never feel as if you are wasting our time- we hear that a lot. Let us talk to you about what we love when you want to buy, you’ll buy, or not. There is no pressure here!”

Artist Louise Owen
Artist Louise Owen and Helga Stein, her newly-discovered blonde twin

Artist Louise Owen of elaurante who we recently featured on the blog here displayed her beautiful fashion-inspired fine art and generally made everyone fall in love with her.

“My art is three dimensional. I incorporate a lot of jewelry, textiles and other materials in a multimedia art form that celebrates women, fashion and the fun of life. I love combining the whimsy of fashion with the elements I choose for my pieces. Women aren’t two dimensional and neither is my art. Every woman is a rich, multi-layered work of art and my goal is to reflect that in all of my pieces.”

Elaurante art
Artist Louise Owen of elaurante
elaurante fine reproductions
elaurante fine prints
Jewelry client
Trying on fabulous rings
NM Jewelry
Listening to David Watson speak about jewelry
Neiman's fashion show
Neiman Marcus animal prints
NM Fall fashion preview

Neiman’s style directors showed us during the fashion show that this season is all about neutrals with tans, creams, monochromatic blacks and whites strutting down the runway. The only patterns included were animal prints and some clever tailoring with traditional houndstooth and twills.

Neiman Marcus Fashion
Menswear dressing with a feminine twist
Artist Louise Owen
Lets Grow Girls
Sutter Lindberg
Our photographer and LGG “Best Boy” Sutter Lindberg!

But perhaps our greatest compliment came from Jenny Allum Moore who wrote a heartfelt Facebook message after the event that moved me to tears:

Let's Grow, Girls
Jenny Moore in white dress

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous event…. you may ask, what it made it fabulous? The event was a fashion show at Neiman Marcus, followed by a private party in NM Fine Jewelry, followed by a small intimate dinner at Bisou. All those things would seem fabulous, and they are. However, that is not what made the event fabulous for me. For me it was attending a woman’s event where there was no drama or no one trying to sell me anything. No one putting each other down, or putting on “airs”.

What made it fabulous was meeting and connecting with inspirational ladies who truly want to lift each other up. Events like these are so rare.  Women lifting other women up. I’m so happy my heart could burst. I thank my lucky stars the universe is connecting me to the right people and turning my energy towards good, positive experiences. – Jenny Allum Moore

Wearing about a million dollars in diamonds

This is what GrowTogether events are all about for us. Sure, its fun to get dressed up, sip a cocktail and admire beautiful things. But what we really want people to get out of our events are the new experiences, meeting new friends and connecting in a hassle-free, fun, and encouraging environment that celebrates all the joy, pain and unique challenges that come with being a woman.

LGG Swag bag
Enjoying the swag bag loot
Grab Bag fun
LGG Swag Bag
Thanks to our supporters for the amazing swag bags!

We also have to extend an incredible THANK YOU to those businesses that capped off our perfect evening with amazing swag bags. We estimate the value of each bag to have been about $200.00 and it showed!

Adair Spinks

Thank you Neiman Marcus, Chanel, Christian Dior, Brennan’s, BlingGuard, Dr. Forrest S. Roth Plastic Surgery, TSC Luxurious Footcare, Greenbar Distillery, Dr. Suzanne Bruce and Associates Dermatology, Great Day Houston, June & Co. Boutique in West University and Dr. Lynn Palmer Family Dentistry.

If you didn’t make it to this GrowTogether event, please try to make the next one! We will keep you posted!

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