Grow Girl Glossary: A Crash Course in Millennial Lingo

OMG! Your waist is SNATCHED, you are beat and that… Well, that outfit is everything! Are you completely confused by what you just read? No worries, I’ve got the “tea” on all things millennial so you can translate the very important “deets” on what your younger audience means when they talk to you.


You are about to get a crash course in millennial lingo. P.S. Once you have learned what these words mean you have to solemnly swear, not, to embarrass any of your kids, grandkids or any millennial that you know. As a matter of fact, repeat after me…

I, (insert your name), am a Grow(n) Girl. I promise to leave the okurr(s) to Cardi B. I shall never use “shade” as an adjective to describe anything other than a well-covered outside area. I will never reply to fun moments with “this is everything”; and I promise to leave words like “fleek”, “lit”, and “shook” to the millennials.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started!

Millennials and post-millennials all over the world have adopted a jargon like no other. Some terms are made up words that equate to two different phrases. Others are, well… just made up. I’ll go on record and say that my generation is made up of creative geniuses. ( Bias much? Of course, not!) Words are going viral each and every second. Society has now adopted these social phenomenons as a part of our modern day language. Grammarly reports that in 2018, 7 words were added to the English dictionary. “Which words?”, you ask. Hangry, bougie, predictive, guac, Instagram, time suck and TL;DR all made the list. (For definitions, refer to our millennial lingo glossary below.) Other words that have been normalized: fleek/ on fleek, fetch, receipts, extra, yasss, lowkey, highkey, mood, turnt, lit, clapback, adulting, gassed, snatched, and SMH.


You have a few keywords. You must know how to use them. There’s nothing worse than a mature woman applying pop culture in the wrong context. Don’t let that be you. Here are three important factors when utilizing and delivering millennial lingo: 1) “Level up”; 2) Kim K it; and most importantly, 3) “apply the pressure”. In other words, you have to know your stuff, have confidence and make sure your delivery is unmatched! You got this! If all else fails…just give the end of your sentence a good yaaaassssssss. That always works. Check out the glossary that I’ve provided below and study, study, study.


Grown Girl Glossary (In order as they appear)

OMG: acronym for “Oh my gosh”

Snatched: used to describe a good looking person or object

…is everything: you love all that is to love about a moment, person or place

Tea: information or gossip; used to describe a juicy story

Okurrr: more of a sound effect than a word; roll your tongue when you say the r(s); the longer you say the r(s) the more of a statement. Means okay

Shade or Throwing Shade: to say something rude in a nice or joking tone

Fleek: use to describe something pretty

Lit: a fun experience or moment

Shookt: used to describe a personal feeling of being scared, nervous or shocked

Hangry: the state of being angry due to hunger

Bougie: can be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation; used to describe a materialistic person or upscale event

Predictive: describing an assumption

Guac: short for guacamole

Instagram or “IG”: a social media platform that shows personal photos and videos for its users

Time Suck: something that you waste too much time on

TL;DR: means “too long; didn’t read”

Fetch: describes something cute and popular- yes, Mean Girls made it happen

Receipts: to have evidence when accusing someone of something ex) screenshots, emails or saved messages

Extra: mostly said in a negative light when a person’s personality is over-the-top; can be used to describe an event

Yass: a sassy way to say yes, or you agree

Lowkey: to highly want to do something or to act in an inconspicuous manner; to stay to one’s self

Highkey: to be extremely enthusiastic about something

Mood: used to describe a feeling or vibe; used as a positive description of the aesthetic of a person, place or thing

Turnt: used to describe a fun event or a hype person

Clapback: a quick and sassy response when someone throws shade

Adulting: used by college students when they feel like they are finally an adult, a lifestyle: paying bills, working a job and etc.

Gassed: to boost someone’s self-esteem with continuous outrageous compliments

SMH: acronym for “Shaking my Head”

Level Up: the idea that everything in life is on levels; means that your lifestyle has just increased for the better; used when talking about wealth, economic status or education

Apply the Pressure: used to motivate someone; to try your hardest when making personal or business decisions

I think it’s time for you to go out into this new millennial world and use what I’ve taught you. I must remind you that you did solemnly swear to use these words carefully and correctly. I’d love to hear about your experiences with millennial lingo. I want to hear the good, the bad and the indifferent. Comment below and give me the “tea”. Good luck!

About the author:


Yaya is a 26 years old, Houston native. She acquired a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Raised in a close-knit family, Yaya uses compassion and understanding to serve her community by volunteering with various organizations. 

Yaya started doing hair at the early age of 13. She completed cosmetology school while still in high school. In 2017 Yaya founded Styles x Yaya, a luxury beauty brand that specializes in on-demand beauty services like hair, makeup, and photography. She is also the founder of R.I.S.E. (Rethink Ignite Succeed Empower), an initiative that uses programs to promote personal wellness, financial literacy, and spiritual growth. 

Yaya is a charismatic millennial who loves spending time with family. She is a hard worker who never takes no for an answer. She indulges in learning, all there is to know; about business and entrepreneurship. 

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