Fearful of a Quarantine-Free Fourth? We Have Solutions!

July 4 invitation

We all thought we could enjoy a break at least by mid-summer to enjoy some fireworks, BBQ and a warm summer night with friends and family. Sadly, with the uptick of cases and general increase of fear many people are coming to the realization that 2020’s Fourth of July festivities are going to fall flat. But never fear! We have some alternative ideas that can save the day depending on your comfort level.

Picnic basket

Organize a Picnic Basket Swap

The idea is that each participating family, friend, or neighbor drops off a basket filled with classic 4th fare like ribs, potato salad, and cupcakes at a participant’s house. Pick a time for the virtual picnic to begin, and then set up a Zoom conference so everyone can enjoy the goodies together.

A porch potluck is similar to a picnic basket swap, except everyone drops off their best Independence Day-themed dish at each participant’s house. You’ll still want to do a Zoom session when you sit down to eat, so you can share the experience—and by meal’s end you’ll probably be really grateful if you fit that 5K into the holiday.

Take a Virtual Tour of America

So your summer road trip was cancelled, bummer. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sites and sounds of America. While life under quarantine has become challenging in many ways, one thing that has improved for many of us is our access to museums. Institutions from sea to shining sea have thrown open their doors digitally, offering free online looks at their exhibits.

This 4th, you can celebrate the holiday by delving deeper into the history of our country with virtual visits to NASA, the Smithsonian National Museum of American HistoryGeorge Washington’s Mount Vernon, and the Statue of Liberty, among others.

water balloon fight

Arrange Outdoor Games That Encourage Social Distancing

Water balloons are great ways to keep hands clean and keep your distance while staying cool. Organize a neighborhood water fight and let ‘er rip! More ideas: corn hole games, beer pong, badminton, water volleyball, get creative!


Fire Up the Fireworks

While many fireworks displays this year remain in limbo or outright cancelled, there are some cities, like Boston and Nashville, which have confirmed they are going forward with televised events that will include previously recorded material, as well as live performances. Arrange for the whole gang to tune in, and then set up a conference call so you can all “ooooh and “ahhhh” together.