Fashionably Creative: Meet Artist Louise Owen

Louise Owen
Louise Owen

Louise Owen is a person with love for everything; “gorgeous!” and “beautiful!” are two adjectives that she uses liberally while explaining her outlook of life. Louise explains, “I believe our time here is meant to be enjoyed and it’s up to us to surround ourselves with what makes us happy. I was born to be an artist, this is my passion and I want to share it with as many people as possible.”

Louise Owen
“Pearls & Girls” original Louise Owen piece

Louise was born in outback Australia, one of four children of landowners who moved to Brisbane when she was young. She was an elite swimmer, tennis player and student who studied at various universities, earning five degrees including a Ph.d. in sports medicine but ultimately decided to pursue work in the sales side of the medical industry. Three years ago with her husband’s encouragement, Louise decided to pursue her first love of art full time, watch her runway show debut of her pieces in Australia last July here. In 2018 Louise and her husband moved to Houston and she’s been expressing her passion for fashion and art ever since.

Louise Owen art
“Versace in Monaco” original Louise Owen piece

“I love being the Creative Director of my own business, elaurante,” says Louise. “What I love to do most in life is to spend time creating art inspired by the female form. Art that pays homage to classic fashion eras over time, and art that, through the use of texture, paints, colors and lines, tells a story.”

Louise Owen orange art
“The Unnamed Princess” original Louise Owen piece

Louise is a world traveler and she reflects her experiences abroad in her pieces, each of which take four to five months to create and 150 hours to complete. She considers herself a creative, imaginator, fashionista, colorist, texturist and most importantly, a mother of two and wife to her best friend.

Louise Owen blue art
“Parisienne Runway” original Louise Owen piece
Louise Owen living room
“City of Lights” original Louise Owen piece
Louise Owen art earring
“City of Lights” earring detail

Louise’s artistic love of celebrating the female form comes from a place of joy and deep sadness. Fourteen years ago, on the day of her son’s third birthday, Louise’s younger sister passed away suddenly. It was after this loss that she started using her artistic moniker “elaurante” – it is her maiden name and a tribute to her sister. 

Louise Owen working
Louise working on her newest piece using hand dyed silk pieces

Louise’s multi-media pieces utilize textured oil paint, antique jewels, and textiles. The three dimensional effect of using these materials must be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

Louise Owen fabric art
Lace detail of “Living in Lace” original Louise Owen piece
Louise Owen print wall art
Louise Owen framed reproductions

For each original creation, Louise creates two limited edition reproductions, one framed fine cotton rag and one on a glass medium.

Louise Owen bedroom art
“Fan Fair” original Louise Owen piece

We are so excited that Louise will be joining us for our upcoming Let’s GrowTogether Neiman Marcus fall fashion show event August 14 and displaying some of her pieces. To talk to Louise about collaborations or more, please contact her at 

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