Drag Brunch Blast

Are you tired of your usual brunch spots and looking to inject some choreography, comedy and adventure into your over-priced mimosa Sunday tradition?  Well- we have the spot for you- Hamburger Mary’s Drag Brunch!

Hamburger Mary's

The food is good- well priced, and the stage show is as entertaining as it can be.  Hamburger Mary’s has two seatings at 12:00 and 3:00.  Reservations must be made for each show.  Click here to reserve your spot.  

Hamburger Mary's logo

The show begins with your hostesses- Lady Shamu and Tatiana Mala-Nina. These two ladies take the mic and work the room like only they can- lots of one-liners, self deprecating humor and attempts to steal the hot dates of all the women in the room.  The performers are then introduced and after a short number onstage they travel the room where patrons can tip them.  Make sure to bring about $20 worth of ones.  

Hamburger Mary's dance party

These hard working ladies and one featured male performer know how to work for a tip. It was a hoot and stunning to watch these queens perform their acrobatics and impressive dance numbers on the small stage and in heels!!! We recommend grabbing your girls and making reservations!

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