Coronavirus Crafting: No Store? No Problem

Ok- so by now you have probably cleaned out your closets, organized your drawers, even been reduced to tackling that long-dreaded garage purge, right? If you are anything like us you are starting to feel like an artistic outlet might be in order. Wouldn’t you like to look back on this time in a couple months still admiring items you created when you tapped into your inner artist? Yes, you would.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of the top five crafty craft projects utilizing materials you most likely have in your home right now. Come get creative with us!

Sharpie Tie Dye

Sharpie Tie Dye
Sharpie Art

We love this one because the possibilities are endless and there is simply no way you can mess it up. All that is required is a good array of Sharpie Colors, something white to show off your design (T-shirt, dishtowel, bandana, you name it) and Isopropyl Alcohol. Simply mark in dots your color choice and using a Q-tip or an eyedropper, slowly drip your desired number of drops  into the center of the ink design. The more drops used, the further the alcohol will spread the ink and the larger the design will be. (Note: Avoid flooding design with alcohol all at once.) Once desired design is achieved, let T-shirt dry completely.

Wrapping Paper Caddy

Kitchen Stool
Wrapping paper caddy
Wrapping paper caddy

Does your wrapping paper and various supplies end up all over the house? Organize them using objects you already have in your house! Simply pull out that old kitchen stool, flip it upside down, paint it white and using old flat white sheets in your linen closet stitch simple bags to tie on the legs. You can even buys casters at your local hardware store to make the contraption portable. Genius! Find the full instructions here, for just wing it to suit your own wrapping purposes.

Felt Ball Coasters

Felt ball coasters
Felt ball coasters

How adorable are these? This easy peesy project is colorful, satisfying and good for everything from coasters to trivets, to pads. All you need are the felt balls which can purchased in any size, color, or shape at this Etsy shop. Use E6000 glue on a dowel to place the glue then place the felt balls as close as possible together on ordinary cork coasters or trivets you already have. Coasters and pads can be purchased for next to nothing at grocery stores but shop your house first!

Homemade Hurricane Lanterns

Homemade hurricane lanterns
Hurricane lanterns
Hurricane lantern instructions
Hurricane lantern instructions

We love this project because it would be adorable lining a sidewalk and it’s made of almost entirely recycled materials.

Lightbulb Vases

Light bulb vases
Lightbulb Vases

How adorable are these? We love the idea of saving those old bulbs from the landfill and building a cute little collection for a table scape. Follow the full instructions here but in the meantime gather these materials for a super easy and fun project.

For the vase:

  • old light bulbs
  • needle nose pliers
  • nail set
  • hammer

For the stand/hanger:

  • wire / floral wire for hanging vase
  • wire cutters
  • wooden dowel
  • drill
  • electrical tape – optional

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