Cleaning Buffalo Bayou While Having a Blast

Buffalo Bayou park
Cleaning the park one plastic bag at a time

While most of us were sleeping late last weekend, enjoying Mimosas at brunch or sunning by the pool, one group of adventurers spent their free time loving on an often-neglected gem of Houston, Buffalo Bayou.

Scott Peele runs the Bike Barn Bayou Rental Shop and Tour Company. He rides the trails by the Bayou every day and noticed although the city and The Buffalo Bayou Partnership work mightily to keep Houston’s waterways clear of trash and debris, the Bayou always seems to end up as a unfortunate location for a lot of Houston’s waste.

Cleanup crew
The cleanup crew

“ I use the park every day to ride to and from work, to and from the gym and to and from school,” says Scott Peele. ” I enjoy having such a unique feature to such a big city right outside my door. The park doesn’t only provide me a way of having a beautiful daily commute but it also allows me to have a full time job renting bikes and leading historical tours for the city of Houston.” 

Scott Peele Amber Brown
Scott Peele and Amber Brown

Scott collaborated with the volunteer coordinator for Buffalo Bayou Partnership and set up a day to help the Bayou in the best way he knew how, by clearing its waterways of trash. Scott’s girlfriend Amber Brown says the effort was as fun as it was rewarding.

Buffalo Bayou volunteers
Volunteers cleaning up the waterway

“We did a bike ride around the park and then ended where we were cleaning up. They had water stations, gloves, grabbers, and a net to fish out the trash all ready to go,” says Amber. “Scott organized it all and wants to make it a monthly thing to get people pumped about taking care of the community we enjoy living in.”

Buffalo Bayou cleanup
Amber Brown making Houston beautiful

Amber and Scott say the next organized cleanup of the Bayou will be Sunday, August 18. Two weeks ahead of time they will send out a reminder and let folks know how they can get involved. We will alert our readers so get ready to have fun and make a difference! We love helping Houston and this effort shows you don’t have to be part of a large organization to do good- just grab some friends and take it upon yourself to fix the problems you see around you everyday. Salud Scott!

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