Bar Bytes With Helga: MAD Brunch

Posted by: Helga Stein

MAD brunch
MAD brunch

This week on Bar Bytes we review the cocktails and brunch creations of a current LGG favorite, MAD Restaurant. MAD is a Spanish tapas sister-concept to BCN; famous for their gin and tonics and craft cocktails. MAD not only is visually stunning, the food is creatively mastered to satisfy any picky eater.

We found that MAD is perfect for a brunch, date night and when one needs to impress out of towners, no restaurant in Houston is this colorful and trendy. Every corner of the restaurant is exciting; even the bathrooms deserve mention, a perfect mirrored backdrop for that Instagram-worthy selfie.

MAD Anchovy toast
MAD Anchovy toast

Some of our brunch Bar Byte favorites include the amazing anchovies atop their perfectly paired tomato spread with toast. Anchovies may seem a steep challenge for an early day meal but somehow MAD manages to mellow the strong fish into a tender fillet that melts in your mouth- much like a more traditional smoked salmon on toast brunch offering.

MAD beef cheeks

Not to be overshadowed by the delectable fish, who wouldn’t love beef tenderloin with caramelized onions, mustard and Manchego cheese? This, of course, can only be paired with the Gin and Tonic which is on point and stunning to say the least. Such a simple concept decorated with cucumber, rose petals and berries.  

MAD gin and tonic cocktail

One of the signature dishes is the MAD tomato. It isn’t actually a tomato, although you’d never know it. It’s parmesan mousse with pesto on pumpernickel “dirt”; so creative and gorgeous.

MAD Tomato

When you visit be sure not to forget to order the not-at-all average scrambled eggs dish, which consists of sautéed baby eel, green onion and garlic. This spectacular combination is surprisingly complimentary and pairs with tomato toast. Honorable mention: the fried potatoes because no brunch is complete without a healthy dose of carb loading!

Finally, don’t forget to top off your meal with the Sangria Roja cocktail. I love to call it the “gummy berry juice drink”. Such an adorable presentation! Lime, lemon, orange and strawberry with cinnamon and clove mixed with Garnacha Brandy. 

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