Bar Bytes With Helga: 1751 Sea and Bar

1751 gin porthole cocktail

1751 Sea and Bar is a gin bar and restaurant which was named after the Gin Act of 1751. The purpose of which was to dissuade the working classes from drinking and laziness (hangovers) by raising the prices of gin and other spirits. The result? Mass protests that finally got the attention of the government and they gave up. Thankfully in America we can enjoy gin from the large and small distilleries without anyone trying to price it out of our reach. 1751 Sea and Bar serves over a hundred gins while paying tribute to the days we weren’t so free to enjoy this juniper spirit. 

1751 gin porthole

1751’s signature cocktail is the stunning drink called Porthole. It proudly serves two (that’s just a suggestion), with its Rooibos tea infused Verjus with juniper, maple, cinnamon and citrus tones. It’s one of the most interesting cocktails on review yet and is bound to pair with the fantastic seafood.

The 1751 dirty martini – is served on ice, rather than in the shaker (like some other restaurants) – preventing it from watering down. Nice touch!

1751 Lobster rolls

Pairing beautifully with the crisp, clean and dry gin and vodka cocktails, the bar offers lobster spring rolls. They are very refreshing and a great transition from cocktails to the main course. Amongst the wide selection of small plates, this one is not only delicious, but fairly health-conscientious – for all those New Years resolutioners out there.

1751 oysters

What would a gin drink be if not paired with fantastic oysters? 1751 features an assortment of east coast oysters, some from Prince Edward Island and some from New Brunswick, Canada. With varying levels of brine and crispness, it was a challenge not to order many more dozens.

1751 Gin Bar

This beautiful cocktail is the Florida Man – containing Alkkemist Gin, orange, orange juice, Mandarine Napoleon and egg white. Its the perfect start or finish of a meal since it’s a little sweeter, but not overbearing. 

1751 Bar tropical drink

For those who like a little sugar in their libations, we recommend the Tiki with its sour cherry gin and spiced rum, it is best paired with dessert or something savory, it’s sure to perk up the mood and your taste buds. 

1751 mojito

This next drink is fantastic for the in-between courses. Consisting of Gracias a Dios Gin, apple, mint and Golden Kiwi, the Aye Dios Mio may serve as an excellent palate cleanser.

1751 dessert

Let’s be honest- we skipped the main course (the appetizers filled us up) and went right to dessert- because life is short, right? We sampled the coconut cake and the pineapple upside down cake. However, sampling was impossible, because with every bite taken to compare, one was better than the other. Such a perfect tropical ending to a small plates’ meal and thank you Sea and Bar for a fantastic dining experience.

This restaurant begs for a review on their main dishes, so we shall return!