We are a group of grown-up women, who believe age shouldn’t shrink your life but instead, open new opportunities for growth through friendships, hobbies, and adventures.  We believe in using the words “girls” and “women” interchangeably. We are all striving to be the best women we can be for ourselves and others but sometimes we just need to feel like girls with our girls.  

From Bunco to Besties

The origination of our group came about from neighbors in Houston who met and played bunco 20 years ago.  The ladies joined and left, many moving and losing touch and the bunco group eventually dissolved. 

Forming Our Tribe

Many of us missed the uniquely female camaraderie and the excuse to regularly get together and try new things, so we formalized our group and made it official.  Now we get together each month for traveling, dining, dancing, crafting, exercising and basically just being girls.  We have learned a lot about life through each other and we want to encourage all women to get out there, find your tribe, inspire each other and Grow With Your Girls!!!