About Us

Houston freinds


We are a group of women a shade over 40, who believe age shouldn't shrink your life but instead, open new opportunities for growth through friendships, hobbies and adventures.  We believe in using the words "girls" and "women" interchangeably. We are all striving to be the best women we can be for ourselves and others but sometimes we just need to feel like girls with our girls.  

From Bunco to Besties

The origination of our group came about from neighbors in Houston who met and played bunco 20 years ago .  The ladies joined and left, many moving and losing touch and the bunco group eventually dissolved. 

Forming Our Tribe

Many of us missed the uniquely female comraderie and the excuse to regularly get together and try new things, so we formalized our group and made it official.  Now we get together each month for traveling, dining, dancing, crafting, exercising and basically just being girls.  We have learned a lot about life through each other and we want to encourage all women to get out there, find your tribe, inspire each other and Grow With Your Girls!!!


Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams Lets Grow Girl

Suzanne is our Food Enthusiast  She was born in Anchorage, Alaska. She got degrees from the University of Santa Clara in California and the University of Houston. 


Suzanne met her husband in Alaska and told him she’d marry him if he’d move her somewhere warmer.   They moved to Scotland (barely warmer) and Egypt (way warmer) before settling in Houston.  Together they have a teenaged son and two rescue dogs. She worked in accounting until retiring and then began volunteering at the office of Recipe for Success.  She is now on the advisory board and strongly supports Recipe for Success’s initiative to get children interested in, growing and eating healthful foods.


Suzanne loves traveling, enjoying the bounty of Houston restaurants, trying new recipes out on her family, keeping fit and relishing the company of her girlfriends. 

Miranda Sevcik

Miranda Sevcik Let's Grow Girl

Miranda is a former broadcast journalist who runs a crisis media and marketing management company, Media Masters, for attorneys.  She loves her work but misses reporting and learning about new things so she is excited to be writing for this blog.   

Miranda met her husband when they both worked for the same station in Louisiana.  After TV job moves to Charleston, South Carolina and finally Houston, her husband David found his dream job as the chief meteorologist at the KHOU-CBS station and they settled down to raise two sons, three dogs, four cats and about 7,000 bees.  

Miranda is curious about everything and always looking to take up a new hobby, interest or goal.  She refuses to feel old. She is an avid animal rescuer, beekeeper, Krav Maga enthusiast, party planner, traveler and lover of all things fun.

Rose Garcia Moriarty

Rose Garcia Moriarty Let's Grow Girl

Rose is a lawyer turned writer with an awesome husband and two amazing kids. Writing as Rose Garcia, which is her maiden name, Rose writes Young Adult fiction and is an Amazon bestselling author. 

Rose's books feature gut-wrenching emotional turmoil and heart-stopping action. She's also known for bringing richly diverse characters to life as she draws on her own cultural experiences. 

Rose met her husband while they were both in law school in Houston. Sharing a love for books and movies and all things nerdy, they fell in love instantaneously. They stayed in Houston, married, and have 2 kids and 2 dogs. 

When not at her desk, Rose can be found hanging with her super fun family, and/or doing something that involves lots of wine with her fabulous friends. She loves working out, going to movies, traveling, and seizing the day! She also loves laughing. Laughing is her favorite. 

For more on Rose, you can visit her website at www.RoseGarciaBooks.com

Michelle Berryhill

Michelle Berryhill Let's Grow Girl

Michelle is a proud, professional homemaker from Boston, Massachusetts.  After a very short stint in commercial banking, Michelle has dedicated her life to raising a family and managing a household.  

Michelle was a stay-at-home-mom, and is now enjoying watching her adult son and daughter live happy, productive lives (yay, they turned out great!).  She met her husband in Houston, Texas.  After buying a condo, she needed a hammer to put her waterbed together, she knocked on the door of her upstairs neighbor… they’ve been married almost 27 years.  

Michelle is an avid yogi and enjoys everything about living her best, healthy life.  When she’s not spending time with her very entertaining family, she enjoys making everything homemade from meals to cleaning products.  

Lots of fun times with genuinely wonderful women round out her life.  After family and friends, Michelle volunteers for an organization that advocates for children in the foster system.

Jena Fawcett

Jena Fawcett Let's Grow Girl

Jena Fawcett is the youngest of our group- a fact she reminds us of often. She still has kiddos in elementary school, twins going into third grade and her oldest starting middle school, she actually still likes them and everything. 

As they are getting bigger,  she is  just beginning to see some free time after spending 10 years as a stay at home mom.  In the past, Jena was a career woman in Northern Virginia, and working in technology in the mid nineties, she got to experience the rise and fall of the start up tech companies.  

After a short sabbatical from work, Jena followed a lifelong passion in Los Angeles into interior design and then got to experience the rise and crash of the real estate bubble less than 10 years later!  Fortunately by then she married her husband Ian and relocated to her home state of Texas.

For most of her “stay at home” mom years she dabbled in various businesses to keep her brain busy and volunteered in several groups that are special to her including a  support group for parents of NICU babies, Mothers of Multiples and the Junior League of the Woodlands.

She is thankful everyday that this crazy bunch of friends have shown her how to grow up without growing old!

Belinda Rowell

Belinda Rowell

Belinda is a business owner, loving wife, mother of three (including one fur baby), and proud Nana "Belle" blessed with two grandchildren.

Her passion for relationship building and networking molded the founding of BR Resources in year 2000. BR Resources is a full service staffing agency assisting companies with temporary, temp to hire, direct, and Payroll services. Her tenure in the industry includes serving as president of the Houston Independent Personnel Consultants organization. 

Belinda  enjoys volunteering and lending  a helping hand to the community through various non-profit organizations, and is highly active in Rodeohouston with 15 years on the Trailride Committee. 

Belinda is a prolific crafter, jewelry maker and lover of all things do-it-yourself.  She is excited about pursuing her lifelong passion of taking on projects that allow her to really believe, "I could make that."