A Millennial’s Guide to the Perfect Selfie

We welcome back our millennial guest blog contributor Yaya! This time she is going to teach us the deets on taking that selfie that makes you look skinny, hip and young! If you didn’t read her last post teaching all of us about millennial lingo check it out here!

Ughhhhhh, I am a victim of viewing terrible selfies from people 40 and up. Sorry to break it to you guys… your selfies NEED WORK. I am, typically, not the type to generalize. Today, I will. Most selfies from women 40 and up consist of the wrong angle, blurred cameras and bad lighting. Let me be your guidance to perfect selfies. After this, all of your social media friends will be commenting on your how amazing your selfies are.

Step 1: Pick good lighting. Lighting can, either, make or break your selfie. It can give your photo the perfect touch. Bad lighting combines the unfortunate mixture of dimly lit rooms, photos taken at night and/or low camera quality. It’s important to “find your light”. If you are in a dark place and there is no good lighting; just use someone’s phone flashlight. Ask another person to hold the flashlight in your direction while you snap a good photo. This may sound embarrassing but they will understand once they see your photos.

Step 2: Clean your lens. Listen up ladies! I cannot stress the importance of a clean lens. Take a moment to free your front camera of fingerprints, smudges and dirt before you start to snap a few pics. The oil from your fingers start to create a film-like layer over your screen that cause photos to appear cloudy. A clean camera equals clearer photos, optimal camera functionality and a better all-around end result. 

Step 3: Find the right angle. Rule of thumb, whatever is closest to the camera will appear the largest. For example, if you hold your phone low and close to your chest while shooting the camera up towards your face; your chin will appear the biggest. This will make your face appear longer. This may be ideal for people with small heads. However, if you already have a long face, it will be unflattering. Other angles include: 1) extending your arm in an upward in a 45 degree angle while tilting the phone downward at a 15 degree angle. Look up at you phone and pose from head to toe; and 2) hold your phone in your hand while extending your arm out to the side, on shoulder level. Slightly turn your body opposite from the camera. This one make you look skinny. Always take into consideration which features you would like to highlight when trying to find the right angles. Once you’ve identified the right angles you can master your selfies by recycling the same poses. 

Perfect selfie filter

Step 4: Pick your filter. All millennials use a good filter. A filter is feature that auto-corrects lighting, sharpness and contrast at the swipe of your finger. Before you click the “post” button give your screen a swipe to the left. A filter will appear. Continue to swipe until you find the one that you like. It’s as easy as it sounds. 

Welp, looks like you’ve learned something new today. Can I say that I’m glad to have gotten that off my chest. As a photographer, I can look at a photo and tell everything a person has done… in this case, hasn’t done. I encourage you to take these steps and share them with a friend. If they ask you how’ve you learned… tell them about the millennial that’s spilling all the “tea” on the Let’s Grow Girl Blog. Wink. Wink. Until next time, drop a comment below with your best selfie. 

Styles x Yaya

Yaya is a 26 years old, Houston native. She acquired a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Raised in a close-knit family, Yaya uses compassion and understanding to serve her community by volunteering with various organizations. 

Yaya started doing hair at the early age of 13. She completed cosmetology school while still in high school. In 2017 Yaya founded Styles x Yaya, a luxury beauty brand that specializes in on-demand beauty services like hair, makeup, and photography. She is also the founder of R.I.S.E. (Rethink Ignite Succeed Empower), an initiative that uses programs to promote personal wellness, financial literacy, and spiritual growth. 

Yaya is a charismatic millennial who loves spending time with family. She is a hard worker who never takes no for an answer. She indulges in learning, all there is to know; about business and entrepreneurship. 

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